FBE Coated fittings

At Aquafluunt we pride ourselfs about our extensive range and knowlage on our ductile iron pipe fittings. Our FBE coated Ductile Iron SG pipe fittings have been designed to SABS specifications to meet the high standards required by civil agents and Muncipalities in Cape Town and South Africa. All of our FBE Coated pipe fittings are coated to a minimum of 250 microns.

ISO9001 Certificate

What is Ductile Iron?

Ductile iron also known SG iron or Malleable iron is not a single material but is made up from a group of materials. The common defining characterisic for ductile iron is the shape ( morphology ) of the graphite. The graphite is in the form of nodules rather than flacks, thus enhacing the ductility of the steel.

Most of the annual production of ductile iron is i the form of ductile iron pipe fittings for water and sewer applications.

What is FBE Coating ?

Fusion bonded epoxy coating also known as Fusion bonded powder coating is a epoxy coating used to protect steel pipes used in civil and construction applications to prevent and protect the pipe fittings from carrosion caused by various weather elements.